I'm a programmer living in Sydney. You can contact me using Twitter or emailing me at lengarvey gmail com.

I make things work, from databases to web front-ends, from Linux to Windows

I program proficiently in several languages, but love Ruby. I can administer servers, but I'm not really a sysadmin. My biggest skill is making things.. just.. work...


I am a passionate, rigorous and experienced developer who possesses a wide range of skills ranging from application development to networking to administration. My problem solving skills are highly developed and I possess a proven track record in finding innovative solutions, or solving difficult issues using analytical, logical and lateral reasoning abilities. I have a wide range of interests and am naturally curious about a variety of areas. Due to a proven ability to quickly learn new skills and technologies, I strongly believe that I would be a valuable asset to any team working on almost any project.


  • Extensive experience with a variety of Linux scripting languages and tools including Bash, Perl, Ruby, awk and sed and solid Linux administration skills.
  • Comprehensive web development knowledge and experience using Ruby on Rails, PHP, including the creation of a custom MVC framework, CSS, JavaScript, SASS and HAML.
  • Commercial .NET C# experience and exposure to ASP.NET.
  • Database querying and administration knowledge with a variety of database platforms ranging from PostgreSQL and Interbase to SQL Server. I have experience implementing systems using MongoDB and using CouchDB.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of Project Management tools and techniques including Earned Value Management.