Switching to chruby

October 25th 2013

About chruby

chruby is a set of very minimal shell scripts which change the current ruby. It replaces rbenv, rvm and has some advantages over both:

  1. It doesn't do anything with cd
  2. No shims (no more rbenv rehash)
  3. Totally minimalist. It's 97 lines of shell script.

Switching from rbenv

Switching from rbenv was easy. I just did:

brew install chruby
brew install ruby-install

I could have kept using my current rubies, but I wanted a completely clean start so switched to ruby-install too.

Replaced rbenv specific config in my ~/.zshenv with:

source /usr/local/share/chruby/chruby.sh
source /usr/local/share/chruby/auto.sh

The second line is important. It enables support for .ruby-version file automatic switching.

Enabling gemsets

There was still one feature I was missing. Since I'm a consultant and have many different projects in my development environment I like to use gemsets to keep things nice and isolated. I could use chgems but I didn't like how I was forced to remember to switch in and out of the "gem chroot" every time I was changing in and out of projects.

So with some inspiration from the auto.sh script I created: chruby_gemsets. It's a simple script which changes your GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH and PATH variables if there is a .gemset file present.

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