Using a Primary Key Factory for Mongoid

March 19th 2012

I'm developing a joke application for a bit of fun and to fill out my github with some more public code. So I'm creating Blitter which lets me do some playing and development with mongodb and rails using mongoid.

One of the things I wanted to support was querying of User objects by the name of the user rather than the _id. Obviously I could have just altered the show action in users_controller.rb to query by name:

@user = User.find(params[:name])

The problem with this is it breaks the standard rails url helpers. You get the following error: Mongoid::Errors::InvalidFind in UsersController#show. So instead what we can do is use the name of each user as the primary key of the class!

The mongodb ruby driver says:

A primary key factory is a class you supply to a DB object that knows how to generate _id values. If you want to control _id values or even their types, using a PK factory lets you do so.

The problem with Mongoid is that there isn't an easy way to use a primary key factory. No problems!

Create config/initializers/mongoid.rb and paste the following:

class PKFactory
  def create_pk(row)
    puts "creating #{row.inspect}"
    row['_id'] = row['name']

Mongoid.configure do |config|
  puts config.inspect
  config.master =, :pk =>

Afterwards just change your user model:

field _id, :type => String

See or the commit in blitter:

Super easy!

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